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i7-3930K CPU EK Supreme HF Plate 6

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Blocks
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Welcome to my third i7-3930K series of CPU block tests, the EK Supreme HF Plate#6 Copper/Plexi.   I had previously reviewed and tested this block using the older P3 (Double slot nozzle) with my 2600K, however since that time EK has released a new and improved P6 nozzle plate which is a larger single slot nozzle.  Using the p3 nozzle the Supreme HF P3 did well on the 2600K but a little behind thermally than other top blocks.  Now that I had my new much larger 3930K system up and running I was looking forward to giving it a retest with the new nozzle plate.

EK sent me the new P6 plate recently and I have the old June P3 packaging, so this review is more of a P6/3930K test update rather than a full review.  I did however save a bunch of my old review photos and will share with notes indicating what has changed since then.

This sample was sponsored by EK waterblocks, thanks!


Product Description

EK-Supreme HF (HF stands for High Flow; revised version) is a universal CPU socket waterblock designed for the most hardcore enthusiast users.

EK-Supreme HF is a direct successor of the world renown EK-Supreme waterblock launched in 2007.
It’s main improvements are:
better flow: due to improved design up to 70% higher flow compared to EK-Supreme
better cooling performance: up to 4°C lower CPU temperatures

The EK-Supreme HF’s cooling engine uses fin design. The water (coolant) accelerates through thin jet plate’s channels and turbolently continues it’s path through 49 very thin channels which provide extreme cooling surface area. Very thin copper base bottom wall even further improves cooling performance.

The waterblock is already equipped with best performing jet #6.

The base plate is made of electrolytic copper lapped and polished to +/- 0.0007mm flatness. The top is made of quality cast acrylic material. Mounting plate is made of black painted steel.

CPU socket compatibility:
– Intel LGA-775
– Intel LGA-1366
– Intel LGA-1155/1156
– Intel LGA-2011
– AMD Sockets: 939, 754, 940
– AMD Sockets: AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+

Enclosed in the box:
– EK-Supreme HF series water block
– EK-CPU Easy Mount HF mounting mechanism with LGA-2011 add-on
– Universal Intel LGA mounting plate (preinstalled)
– Additional universal AMD Socket mounting plate
– Universal CPU retention backplate
– TIM / thermal grease: Arctic Cooling MX-4 (1.6g)

Please note:
– With introduction of new easy mount mechanism, additional jet plates were removed from box. Despite this EKWB made sure the best performing jet plate is being preinstalled.

I have highlighted the LGA specs since it does note something about an “LGA2011 add-on”.  My package was from June 2011, so I did not have this included at the time, but as of November 2011 new packages have the 2011 hardware.,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=112&cntnt01returnid=17

Welcome to my sixth in a series of CPU block tests I’ll be working on for the new i7-2600K processor, the EK Supreme HF.  This is EK’s flagship water-block sporting an acrylic/plexi top, copper bottom, and their new “Easy Mount” system.  This particular block is the “Copper Plexi” flavor, but the block also comes in full copper or copper acetal flavors.  You can even get the block in blue or green plexi colors if that’s what you want…so plenty of top options to choose from. I was very anxious to get my hands on this block considering the EK Supreme V1 was the thermal winner in my previous Q6600 CPU testing roundup and this newer HF model is the further refined successor to the original.

This sample was sponsored by Eddy from EK waterblocks, thanks!!

Before getting started, how about a picture of the block installed and ready for action!

Packaging & Accessories

I’m no different from anyone else in enjoying a good box opening to see what goodies lie within. I also have had my share of products damaged during shipping over the years, so I consider packaging protection very important.  Nothing worse than having to submit an RMA ticket because the UPS man tossed your precious package around more than it could handle.

The block comes in a larger than average box in a sleeve with flashy black/orange/gray graphics.  It does give a nice presentation and good first impression.

Upon removing the box sleeve and opening the inner box, you first see the hardware packet, AMD hold down, and user guide.

I read through the user guide and found it to be a good basics guide that should be adequate for your average user.  Below you can see a sample of page 1, it comes printed in black and white and a double-sided letter sized paper.  I thought the content was good, but not quite as nice as a few color manuals I’ve seen on other blocks.  You can also download and print the manual if you want a better copy or loose the original

Digging further into the box, you come to the block nestled and nicely sandwiched between two layers of foam as well as being individually wrapped in a sealed tamper proof plastic bag next to a tube of MX-4 mini tube of compound.

I think this was the first block to incorporate a tamper seal on the block packaging which ensures the block you received has not been tampered with.  This is a nice clever touch…I like that.  In this world of RMA happy consumers, this is one way to ensure a new product.  Very good!!

After all the unwrapping of individual packets, this is the collection of parts you get plus the user manual previously noted:

Short of barbs, you get a very complete package for both AMD and Intel users.  The only part I couldn’t make sense of myself were the metal washers in the lower right.  These were not explained in the user’s guide, so I went on the assumption that they go below the springs to prevent scratching of the black hold down.  They worked well under that assumption

Overall an excellent complete package short of barbs and the packaging protection was also extremely well done.