Coolgate HD Copper Plated 360 Radiator

Posted: May 6, 2012 in Radiators
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This is #15 in my series of triple radiators the new Coolgate HD.  This model is one of their newer line that utilizes a more dense split fin technology for the fins, it has 12 copper tubes, brass end tanks, an air bleed screw, and the same clear protected copper plated finish.  This is a really unique looking radiator with its copper plating and I was eager to see the results considering it uses more desirable copper tubes, it’s over width,  and it uses split fin in a slimmer 34mm thickness package.


A special thanks to Coolgate for providing the review sample:




I measured about 128mm wide, 34mm thick, and 402mm long.  I also only see 2 G1/4 ports and one air bleed screw.  I believe the tubes and fins are copper and the end tanks are brass.  I also see there are a full 12 tubes and 13 rows of fins for a slightly oversized width which is good.

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