XSPC X2O 750 Dual Bay Nylon V4 Reservoir Pump

Posted: January 20, 2013 in Pumps
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Welcome to my review of the revision 4,  XSPC X2O 750.  While I did test a similar submerged acrylic version of this pump many years ago here, this pump and reservoir has been revised several times since then including a brand new impeller, ceramic shaft, ceramic sleeve, a more stable magnetic field, and improved electronic components.  It is also a pump that is very popular due to XSPC’s amazing 750 kit price, so I was interested in checking out the latest revision and see how it does with all the upgrades and revisions.  So off to the test bench to evaluate full hydraulics and some video recording to share some noise recordings with you.

A special thanks to Paul from XSPC for providing the review sample:


Manufacturer Specifications:


After nearly a year of development we are proud to release the latest version of our X2O 750 pump, the V4.

The acrylic reservoir has been replaced by a tough nylon reservoir with four brass M3 threads on each side. On the front of the reservoir the viewing window now sits flush with the beautifully finished, brushed aluminium faceplate, and the screws are now black to match the faceplate.

On the back of the reservoir we have added a spare G1/4″ port which can be used for a temperature sensor, or draining the system. We have also added a better the LED holder and improved the fill cap seal with a high quality thick o-ring.

The improvements are not just on the outside. We have fully overhauled the 750 pump with a new impeller, ceramic shaft, ceramic sleeve, a more stable magnetic field, and improved electronic components. These changes improve performance, improve reliability, reduce noise, and increase the lifespan of the pump.

Our most popular water pump just got even better!

– Pump Performance: 750 lph
– Head Delivery: 1.8m
– Low Noise, Low Vibration (42dB Max)
– Voltage: 12V (4pin molex)
– Tough Nylon Reservoir
– Dimensions: 149 x 86.5 x 103 mm
– Brushed Aluminium Faceplate
– Brass Screw Threads
– G1/4″ Threads
– Individually Pressure Tested
– 1x 5mm LED Hole
– Capacity 625ml

Maximum water temperature: 50C

Supplied with black faceplate, 8x M3,4mm screws, G1/4″ Plug, and blue LED.


So besides the all new tough nylon housing, the pump has really been overhauled with a new impeller, bearing, and electronics…very good!

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  1. Rono says:

    Thanks for this great review. It’s going to help planning. I was hesitating between this kit and the D5 Vario version, planning a loop with cpu-gpu and 2 240mm rads. I think I should be fine with the 750.

    • Jack says:

      I’ve had nothing but terrible experiances with XSPC pumps. First one arived DOA. Replacement ran for about a week and died mid game causing CPU to overheat. Now im on pump three and thats dying too. Contacted XSPC and spoke to someone called lois who insured that id have a new one sent to me through my vendor, two weeks down the line and nothing. So I contacted them again and was toldid be sent a d5 bay/res as compensation. That too was about two weeks ago and still nothing. If I was you I’d avoid XSPC like the plague but thats just my two cents.

  2. Parker says:

    This may sound pretty silly, but I am actually looking at one of these vs a D5 Photon 170/270 tube res. Obviously the D5 is better, but I’m trying to save money where I can. Would this be suitable for a 3x rad + cpu/gpu loop? Just thought I’d ask the question.

    • Jack says:

      Dude it isnt suitable for a paperweight as im shre it will somehow leak/crack. Buy something with a d5/mcp655 that isnt from XSPC. May cost twice as much but at least it will work

  3. Ryan says:

    I just had both acrylic parts (window + LED holder) crack after 2 months. Still waiting on their fantastic customer service department to get back to me. I even said I’d pay for the parts. Dead silence. It’s been over a month since my first email and 3 weeks since the last time I heard back from them.
    This is my second XSPC res. First one was retired due to the pump seizing. Managed to get it going again but it’s making a lovely rattling noise and seizes back up if turned off.

    As Jack said, avoid XSPC pumps/reservoirs.

    • Jack says:

      Update on my XSPC experiance. I recived the D5 veriant after telling a guy named “dazhong” that unless they held up their end of the bargin I would show the email conversations I had with them to my 11,000 fake youtube subs, and any forums I subscribe to. Now this must of scared them because within 2 days I had an email from my dispatcher saying I had one on the way. It arived in battered condition which this time wasnt XSPC’s fault but whatever, installed it into my case only to find out it doesnt really fit into the 5.25 in drive bay. I mean how the f#*k do you guys mess up something as universal as that?! Atleast the d5 works but id cut about 4 months off of its lifespan due to the fact there is an XSPC sticker on there.

  4. Derek says:

    Hey Martin, thanks for the review. Do you think this pump would be adequate for 24/7 dogecoin mining cooling two GPUs with a total TDP of 300w? They would be going through the EK VGA Supremacy blocks, and one Alphacool Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Dual 140mm radiator.

  5. Mike says:

    I have this running with the raystorm block and 240 rad to which I added an EK gpu block and black ice xtreme 120 rad. It copes, I have no idea what the flow rate is and won’t until I drain and fit a flow meter, but it copes with a 4.3ghz FX running at 5.2ghz and an evga 780ti classy at 1.4ghz. CPU 65c and GPU 45c. I may add a ddc in series and change the 240 to a 280 in the future as it’s borderline now and I’d like a 2nd gpu.
    Only had it for 3 months and it gets maybe 3 hours use per day so cannot comment on longevity.

    Great site!

  6. alphaom3ga says:

    I’ve had it for about a year now. Exact same model. My concerns were always less about leaking (I think you’re sh*t out of luck if you get a leaky model) and more about rattling. I was trying to cut down on turbine like sounds coming from my 7970GHZ Vapor-x, so silence was critical to make my new build worhtwhile. I’ll be honest….at the beginning i experienced intermittent rattling and groaning and I cursed my luck. But after a great deal of rocking my case around and releasing air bubbles and refilling and tapping tubing here and there, i now only have a gentle hum. I can hear some of my larger case fans more than i can hear this dual bay combo res. So really, i’m extremely pleased. Yes I could have gone the D5 route, but honestly I have single loop cooling GPU and CPU with one 360 and one 140 rad. I didn’t need anything extravagant and this works fine. Plus aesthetically i like it and the LED effect (colour of your choice) is a nice touch to add some a personal touch. PS I use the extra port for a G 1/4 silver bullet fitting to keep corrosion down.

  7. Reid says:

    Hey guys! Just have a question. I have this pump/res combo and am currently running a single cpu loop. The cpu waterblock is the XSPC Raystorm block and the radiator is the XSPC AX 240. I want to expand my loop to include both my gpus and one more AX 240 radiator. Will this pump be powerful enough? I have two Asus gtx 770’s and will be using the EKWB Asus gtx 770 waterblocks. Any help would be much appreciated! I just really want to avoid having to buy another pump haha. Just to be clear I need this pump to push water through two 240 mm radiators, a cpu waterblock, and two gpu waterblocks.