Alphacool NexXxoS Xtreme III 360 Rev.2 Radiator

Posted: April 11, 2012 in Radiators
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This is the seventh in my series of triple radiators the Alphacool NexXxos Xtreme III 360 radiator.  This would be my first 45mm thickness radiator and it also has a more dense tubing spacing, so while visually it looked to be of lower density, I wasn’t sure where the fan tuning may fall.  Unlike most manufacturers that may make 1-3 models, Alphacool makes many different models that vary in materials as well as thicknesses including 30mm, 45mm, 60mm, and 80mm. The Pro III and Xtreme III models are I believe the more value oriented copper tubes with brass end tanks and aluminum shrouds where the ST30, XT45, and UT60 are full copper higher end.  They also have some models that have a larger 420/360 sized core. Here we are reviewing the more value/mid range oriented Xtreme III Rev 2 that is 45mm in thickness with a compact 360 core.

A special thanks to Aquatuning for providing the review sample:



Includes fan gaskets and two lengths of screws.

Aquatuning Specifications:–with-aluminum-frame-.html


NexXxos now finally starts with the second radiator series. The NexXxos Xtreme I features excellent cooling performance, a unique design and outstanding build quality. The parallel coolant channels keep the flow resistance to a minimum. The NexXxos Xtreme radiators are absolute High-end heat exchangers. Double-sided fan installation is easy and quickly done with the metric threads on both sides. The connection threads are G1/4″ in size and therefore offer maximum compatibility with virtually all available fittings.

Technical details: 
Material: Copper fins, brass chambers
Dimensions: 398x122x45mmConnection threads: G1/4″
Weight: Approx. 1750g
Fan installation: 12x M3 threads each on both sides
Pressure tested: 2,5 Bar

Eine mehrsprachige Montageanleitung finden Sie hier:

Important: Please flush before use and insert a screw into all M3 threads. Please be careful that the screws used are not too log, this may damage the radiator ans is not covered by the warranty.

Warranty: On impermeability and manufacturing for 2 years

Actual product similar to picture

The reddish brown “stains” on the fins is no rust. Please note that this is a copper radiator and the note: “The whole radiator was coated with a robust black lacquer. The fins are coated with a thinner layer to improve the appearance without compromising cooling performance.”. The lacquer coat is made from the same material, hence the reddish-brown “stains”.

Attention: The radiator can be damaged, if the screws are screwed too deep. Please pay attention to the right length of the screws.  The screws do not have the same size in every delivery.

Note: To avoid storage or manufacture-related residues in the circulation, Please rinse the radiator completely before assembling.

Alphacool Website:—Rev–2.html

I find the radiator is a bit unique in thickness being 45mm which is in between slim and double thickness models previously tested.  Unfortunately it does use M3 screws which work, but I have found them to be more likely to cross thread than 6-32 or better yet M4 which are more durable.  They will work just fine, but you do want to take a bit more care with M3 screws.

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