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This site is voluntarily built upon science, engineering, testing, reviewing, and sharing information with my fellow water cooling community. I feel a huge part of what draws many to water cooling is the ability to tinker and improve performance in a world where the parts combinations and mod possibilities are pretty much unlimited. We are fortunate to have so many great options anymore, yet there needs to be more information to help the end-user understand how things work in a fun and scientific way. This site is not here to make a profit, in fact I have paid to eliminate ads. I will provide a courtesy static logo and links to sites that donate samples, but unlike many review sites, advertising and profit is not the intent here. This site is funded entirely by my donated time, my donated testing equipment, my donated testing hardware, community donated hosting, and donated parts to test and review that comes from manufacturers, vendors, the community, and myself. It is entirely a donation & volunteer community based effort for the good of the community.



Note the information in this site is tested and reviewed at a hobby level only. There are always errors involved outside of my control such as sample variance, processor variance, meter calibration issues and the like. I do my very best to control what I can, but no testing is perfect and neither is mine. I can only guarantee you that I did my best to test and review fairly with the tools I had available at the time. The information should be used for educational and entertainment purposes only.