Koolance COV-RP400 Pump Top & Reservoir

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Pumps

Water cooling enthusiasts routinely seek options away from the standard.  They want improvements to performance, better looks, and options. The PMP-400 (DDC 3.25) pump comes with a factory 3/8″ plastic barb top.  While this works just fine for 3/8″ tubing systems, it’s not very convenient for larger tubing users and it’s not nearly as appealing as a threaded top that can accept your favorite shiny barbs or compression fittings.

Welcome to my review of the Koolance COV-RP400 Acetal DDC Pump Top, the BDY-TK200 60x200mm Acrylic Tube Reservoir, and the COV-TKTOP acetal reservoir tope for the PMP-400 (DDC 3.25) series pumps. Koolance has a very modular system of parts and accessories to build a variety of pump/reservoir  combined or separated systems.   You basically pick and chose the various pieces and build your own creation. I requested several review samples for my pump noise testing and found the top to do exceptionally well there and wanted to supplement that work by doing some pump PQ test comparisons.

A special thanks to Tim from Koolance for sponsoring the parts used in this review.

Packaging & Accessories Information

I missed my box opening photo opportunity and have been using this pump in various noise related tests already, so I won’t be doing my usual here. The package was done very well in Koolance’s typical black box with ample protection.  It comes with a heavy duty fan mounting bracket , the pump top, a port plug, and necessary mounting screws. The only thing missing is a set of barbs (Nozzles) which you’ll have to purchase separately.

You can see some more on the accessories at Koolance’s site here.



Moving onto the pump top itself, it is an extra thick acetal top which has shown to be the best noise reducing DDC top tested so far.  Because the top is modular and capable of accepting a reservoir, the top thickness is an unusually thick 26mm of acetal goodness.  I suspect this is the primary reason it does so well in noise reduction.  Acetal is better than acrylic at reducing noise and the thicker the better.  Here is another copy of that video:

Pump Volute

Here is a quick look at the pump volute.  It does have a reduced inlet port size which is good in matching the impeller inlet size.  The exit port is not quite as refined as some others I’ve seen.  The volute perimeter is also more a semi spiral than a complete ever increasing radius spiral shape.

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  1. Alvin says:

    Another great review Martin! I must say I also enjoyed the reservoir vortex pic. Didn’t know that could happen.

    I’m building my “first” water cooling rig right now which almost all consist of Koolance products. The CPU-370, RP-452X2 with two PMP-450 pumps, 3x AR-6970 & 3 pairs of QDCs, bitspower compression fittings(1/2″IDx3/4″OD). This is due to EK’s questionable nickel plating(it’s flaking off on their products, with users using only distilled water plus a kill coil or PT nuke which is being discussed on some forums) & I would love to have all my parts to be nickel plated. The only EK products that I “must” buy is their full cover water block which I need due to the board I’m using.

  2. Martinm210 says:


    Spend some quality time in the forums, maybe even post a couple of “Review My Parts List” threads to solicit some more user experiences. As much as I like to do a good job testing and reviewing products, there is no replacement for a diverse set of user opinions to fill in missing wholes and gains some long term experience perspective.

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