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XSPC EX360 Radiator

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Radiators
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This is an old test I had never finished publishing, the XPSC EX360 radiator. The EX360 is XSPC’s slim thickness extreme radiator designed for top performance with slow to medium speed fans. While the RX360 is a proven top performer, not everyone has the space or budget for the higher cost RX series. The RS360 is also a good all around radiator, however in an effort to improve performance, a different type of construction was implemented to produce the EX line.

A special thanks to XSPC for providing the review sample:

Manufacturer Specifications:

XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir Combo

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Pumps
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This is review of the XSPC D5 Dual Bay Reservoir Combo. This is another “Durable” option in the bay reservoir pump craze. While XPSC has had a few acrylic options, this is an all new D5 model molded with a tough nylon material that is internally accessible for cleaning via one large top cover and it has a small acrylic window. Up until this reservoir option came out though, getting your hands on a more durable material option usually meant spending over $100, but not so here…it’s about half that. Any while most reservoir tops for the D5 so far have only made very minor improvements. This bay reservoir hit several notes in performance due maintaining a nice spiral shaped volute, removing much of the exit elbow, and improving the inlet port to a more desirable size.

A special thanks to Paul from XSPC for providing the review sample:


Manufacturer Specifications:

– G1/4″ Threads
– Brushed Aluminium Faceplate
– Tough Nylon Body
– 1x 5mm LED hole
– Individually Pressure Tested
– Capacity 300ml
– Dimensions: 149 x 85.6 x 105mm

Supplied with black faceplate, 8 screws, and blue LED.

XSPC RX360 Radiator

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Radiators
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This is the second in my series of triple radiators the XPSC RX360.  The RX360 is XSPC’s double thickness premium radiator designed for top performance with slow to medium speed fans.  While extra thickness doesn’t add up to 100% improvements over the RS360 model, it does provide a measurable gain and many enthusiasts also prefer the looks of the extra thickness as something that means business with an added emphasis on all out performance.  The RX360 has one very defined focus which is extremely low restriction and extremely high thermal performance for slow to medium speed fans without too many extras to raise the price beyond materials necessary.

A special thanks to Paul from XSPC for providing the review sample:

Manufacturer Specifications:

Introducing the RX360, the highest performing triple fan radiator XSPC have ever released. At close to twice the thickness of the RS series radiators it has excellent cooling capabilities and the sub 8fpi gives the radiator very low air flow resistance. The RX360 has been designed and optimised for low speed fans so it can offer high performance cooling at very low noise levels.

– Black Matt Finish
– Dimensions: 124x63x400mm (WxDxH)
– Copper Tubes and Fins
– 3 Rows of 13mm by 2mm Tubes
– Sub 8fpi (fins per inch)
– G1/4″ Ports
– 6-32 Case and Fan Screws

Supplied with mounting screws

Note that the radiator uses 3 rows of 12 tubes, so it is a big increase in the number of tubes over the RS360.  Regarding tuning, you see the 8FPI spec which is tuned more for lower speed fans.  Also you have 6-32 SAE screws.




Close, but a little different than spec being a few mm longer and wider.

XSPC RS360 Radiator

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Radiators
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This is the first in my series of triple radiators the XPSC RS360.  The RS360 is XSPC’s more value oriented radiator in a slim form factor.  While extra thickness can show some performance advantage by 10% or so, it’s not double as you might expect and cutting the materials down into a slim form factor generally nets you a better value.  The RS360 is a standard 120mm slim triple in that is utilizes the more standard 15mm fan spacing and a more narrow core at 121mm in width.  This radiator is slightly tuned for more medium to high-speed fans per XSPC’s website although I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a high density radiator either.  This was the first radiator I received and I think a great place to start

A special thanks to Paul from XSPC for providing the review sample:

Manufacturer Specifications:

High Performance Copper Fin Radiator

– Matt Black Finish
– Dimensions: 121x35x397mm (WxDxH)
– 19mm Flat tubes for reduced flow resistance
– 1 Row 11 Tubes
– Compact Design
– G1/4″ Ports
– 6-32 Screws

Supplied with mounting screws

There are a few noteworthy specs here including the “Compact Design” which it is at only 121mm in width and 35mm depth. Also note that the radiator uses 1 row of 11 tubes, so this does mean that there will be 6 tubes one way and 5 the other.  Also you have 6-32 SAE screws.  I tend to prefer the finer threads of M4 myself, but 6-32 works ok and much better than M3.

Welcome to the another Raystorm test, this time the all metal premium Raystorm Copper block on my new 3930K processor.  The Raystorm turned out to be an excellent performing block in both 2600K performance and restriction, yet there was only an acetal top with acrylic hold down version until now.  The copper top is the same high performance design constructed out of more durable metal materials.  I tend to personally favor the use of metal top blocks myself too, so when XSPC asked if I would be interested in reviewing a copper top, I was happy to accept.

Before reviewing, I’d like to give special thanks to Paul from XSPC for sponsoring this sample product!


First, let’s look at the manufacturer’s specifications:

Special edition all copper waterblock with a CNC cut aluminium bracket. The best performing CPU waterblock just got better.

– Designed for Multi Core CPU’s
– High Performance Copper Base 56x56x3mm
– CNC Cut Copper Top
– CNC Cut Aluminium Bracket
– G1/4″ Threads
– Compatible with Most Compression Fittings
– Supports Sockets LGA775, 1156, 1155 and 1366

Supplied with mounting hardware, 775, 1156/1155, and 1366 backplates,
allen key, and K2 thermal paste.

Of special note is the CNC Cut “Copper” top and “Aluminum” bracket.  The original Raystorm is made from plastic acetal/delrin and acrylic for the bracket (hold down).