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This is the fourth in my series of triple radiators the Swiftech MCR320-XP .  This model is one of two radiator categories by Swiftech which is optimized for medium to high speed fans where the “XP” stands for Xtreme Performance sporting a more dense 20 folds per inch.  Swiftech also has an QP series which looks very much the same, but has a lower density 12 FPI core.  Here we are looking at the more dense XP model designed for medium to high speed fans.

A special thanks to Gabe from Swiftech for providing the review sample:

Manufacturer Specifications:

The MCRx20-XP (eXtreme Performance) series radiators are high-performance liquid-to-air heat exchangers optimized for use with medium speed 120mm fans and specifically engineered in a slim for factor for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers.

The XP series derive from the Quiet Power technology (QP series) first introduced in 2005 and both series share the exact same dimensions. They differentiate themselves by a higher fin-per-inch (FPI) count where the QP series feature a 12 FPI specification versus 20 FPI for the new XP series. A higher FPI count means that the XP series are more efficient at dissipating heat in the higher RPM fan ranges. When large heat loads are involved for example a CPU and GPU(s) in the loop, this may translate into improved coolant temperature.

In general, we recommend selecting a radiator in the XP series for applications where fans will run from 1200 RPM and above, and selecting among the QP series where fans will run from 1200 RPM and below. A more refined analysis including various coolant flow rate scenarios is reported in the performance section.

The XP series are available in 4 sizes: 1x120mm, 2x120mm, 3x120mm, and 4x120mm.

Optimized fin-density for maximum heat dissipation with medium speed fans  (20 fpi)
2-pass, single row construction
Brass body and brass tubes
Louvered copper fins
Plenum Style: Self-purging brass plenum chambers
Slim form factor (34mm)
High-durability acrylic paint:  Satin black finish
M3.5 threaded fan and case-mounting holes
Hub specifications & fittings compatibility:
  • G1/4″ flat face threaded hubs, compatible with industry standard captive o-ring type fittings (such as Swiftech “Eurostyle” series of barb fittings)
ROHS compliant
  • MCR120-XP 15oz (408g),
  • MCR220-XP 1lb 8oz (594g),
  • MCR320-XP 2lb (1048g),
  • MCR420-XP 2lb 6oz (1501g)
Quality assurance: all radiators are ultrasonically cleaned to remove solder flux as well as pressure-tested for leaks.
What is Included with each radiator:
  • M3,5 x 6mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) – Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1/4″ (not included)
  • M3,5 x 30mm screws (4 each per 120mm fan) – Alternatively you may use 6-32 x 1 1/8″ (not included)
  • Installation Warning pamphlet
  • No fittings

In general the QP series is recommended for 1200RPM and lower where the XP is recommended for higher speeds.  The radiator is also of the slimmer 34mm thickness although it is a bit wider than some other 120mm rads measuring 128mm in width.

This is the third in my series of triple radiators the Swiftech MCR320-QP .  This model is one of two radiator categories by Swiftech which is optimized for slower speed fans (QP=”Quiet Power) and consists of a lower density 12 FPI core.  Swiftech also has an XP series which looks very much the same, but has a higher density 20 FPI core.  Here we will take a close look at the QP model designed for low speed fans.

A special thanks to Gabe from Swiftech for providing the review sample:

Manufacturer Specifications:

The MCRx20-QP (Quiet Power) series radiators are heavy-duty, low-noise optimized, liquid-to-air heat exchangers designed to be used with 120mm fans and specifically engineered for high-end liquid cooled Personal Computers.
First introduced in 2005, the Quiet Power technology is the result of months of research and development focused on optimizing thermal performance and audible noise characteristics with low to medium airflow types of fans. To this day, the MCRx20-QP radiators have set a standard for others to follow,  and meet today’s PC industry highest thermal loads, quality standards, and low noise requirements at competitive prices.
We recommend using a radiator the QP series in applications where the fans will run in the 1200 RPM range or below. For higher RPM ranges, we recommend selecting a radiator in the XP series.
Two versions, with or without built-in reservoir, and four sizes are available: for single 120mm, dual 120mm, triple 120mm, and quad 120mm.

In general the QP series is recommended for 1200RPM and lower where the XP is recommended for higher speeds.  The radiator is also of the slimmer 34mm thickness although it is a bit wider than some other 120mm rads measuring 128mm in width.

i7-3930K CPU Swiftech Apogee HD

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Blocks
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Welcome to my fifth i7-3930K series of CPU block tests, the Swiftech Apogee HD.   This is Swiftech’s successor to the Apogee XT Rev2 sporting the same premium prescribed pressure and minimal loose parts mounting system in an all new top with multiple port outlets and completely redesigned base.  This new model promises an increase in thermal performance, reduced restriction, lower cost, and black, white, or gold plated (Limited Edition) brass tops.

This sample was sponsored by Gabe from Swiftech, thanks!

Manufacturer Specifications

Product Details:

ap.o.gee: The farthest or highest point; the apex; a final climactic stageThe Apogee™ HD is Swiftech’s new flagship CPU waterblock. Close to 18 months in the making, it was designed to surpass its predecessor the Apogee™ XT in all critical areas:
  • Improved thermal performance with emphasis on Intel® and AMD® latest and upcoming processors: the HD is Socket LGA2011 (Intel®) and “Bulldozer” (AMD®) ready.
  • Reduced flow restriction compared to the Apogee XT Rev2.
  • Innovative features, with the introduction of the multi-port connectivity:   two more outlet ports have been added for dramatic flow rate improvements in multiple waterblock configurations and when used with the new MCRx20 Drive Rev3 radiators that now also include two additional inlet ports (3 total); read more about “Flow Parallelization” in the section below including examples and in-depth explanations.
  • Improved thermal performance out of the box with the inclusion of high performance PK1 thermal compound
  • Cosmetic appeal: the Apogee HD is now available in two colors, Classic black or Fashionable white to match high-end case offerings from NZXT™, Silverstone®, Thermaltake and many others.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.


Improved Performance World’s best thermal performance based on our comparative testing, and 2ºC better than the Apogee™ XT Rev2.
Low To Moderate Flow Restriction 30% lower flow restriction than the Apogee™ XT Revision 2.
Exclusive Triple Outlet Port Design
Ability to parallelize the flow to the graphics, chipset and/or memory waterblocks to improve overall loop performance by dramatically increasing the flow rate where it matters most: in the radiator and CPU waterblock. This exclusive feature can be easily activated when the block is used in conjunction with the new MCRx20 Drive Rev3 radiators that now also include 3 inlet ports.
Another benefit of such setup is that it is now possible to use reduced tubing size for the devices installed in parallel without unduly taxing the pump, resulting in less clutter, and easier tube routing in cramped spaces.
Compression Fittings Compatibility Chart 

Primary Inlet/Outlet

Secondary Outlets

Primary Intlet/Outlet

Secondary Outlets

With 3/4″ Tube OD fittings Max 3/8″ tube OD fittings With 5/8″ Tube OD fittings Max 1/2″ Tube OD fittings
Fine-tuned Retention Mechanism, with universal Desktop Processor Compatibility 
Swiftech’s retention mechanism is widely recognized as the simplest and safest to use. It has been further enhanced with added attention to details and quality, such as hollowed thumb screws, and improved back-plate fabrication.
  • Adjustable screws provide compatibility with all Intel Desktop Processors:
    • Socket 1155, 1156, and 1366 (back-plate included)
    • Socket 775 (not included, mailed free of charge upon request)
    • Socket 2011 spring-screw kit is included!
  • An elegant Multi-mount hold-down plate provides compatibility with all AMD Desktop processors:  sockets 754, 939, 940, AM2, AM3, 770, F, FM1, as well as legacy Intel Server socket 771 processors. The kit is not included with the Apogee HD, but supplied for free (shipping not included), upon request.
Available in Black or White The Classic All Black will give any system the high-tech look you are looking for, or the fashionable white combined with the new MCW82, Bridges, and MCP35x pump top (also available in white) will allow you to build elegant and distinctive systems.
Shipped with High Performance Thermal Compound The Apogee™ HD ships with PK1 thermal compound highly rated by enthusiast users and reviewers (and confirmed by in-house testing) for its excellent thermal performance and ease of application.
Lower Cost More affordable than the Apogee™ XT and other top Performing Blocks on the market (the HD also includes 1/2″ fittings and clamps, whereas many of our competitors do not).
There is quite a bit of information there,  but the HD does enhance several things over the XT including thermal performance, reduced pressure drop, and reduced cost.  They also note the “Triple Outlet Port” feature which can be used to parallelize flow in more complex loops.  In addition they note that black or whilet POM material is and option, better PK1 compound is included, and cost has been reduced despite including barbs and clamps which all others do not.  In general the specifications include more information than any other block I’ve seen, perhaps a bit too much for your average user to absorb in one sitting, but still a good informative collection of information on what has changed over the previous XT.

Swiftech MCP35X2 Pump

Posted: January 29, 2012 in Pumps
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Welcome to my Swiftech MCP35X2 review, possibly the ultimate in “Smart PWM Monster Pumping Performance”. After reviewing the Swiftech 35X single pump, I found myself making room for the powerful smart pump as part of my daily use and CPU block testing rig.  While manual speed control pumps move water fine, they can not be controlled automatically without more advanced (and expensive) controllers.  PWM controlled pumps offer a larger operating range and can be controlled with nothing more than a motherboard CPU header.  Just before CES 2012, Swiftech announced an arsenal of exciting new and innovative products, one of which was taking the previous flagship 35X success and marrying it together in a package of two (The MCP35X2). Two pumps in series provides nearly double the head pressure and also adds the pump redundancy safety benefit if one pump stops working. When Swiftech asked if I’d be interested in reviewing, I was happy to accept as I thought it would also make the perfect test pump for my new radiator test bench having all that range, power, and precision(easily repeatable) PWM control.

I would like to give special thanks to Gabe from Swiftech for providing this product review sample:

That’s a lot of smart PWM pumping power in the palm of your hand.

Before digging into the review, let’s first have a look at the product specifications and notes from Swiftech’s site:

  • Small Footprint: L4.9″ x W2.8″ x H1.6″ (L126 x W72 x H41mm);
  • 50,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) ;
  • 12 Volts DC convenience: plugs into the computer power supply
  • Variable speed control via PWM thru the motherboard, from 1300 rpm for completely silent operation, to 4500 rpm for ultra high flow performance;
  • Simultaneous pump speed control using one PWM motherboard header is achieved using the included PWM splitter cable.
  • Superior head pressure and flow rate (in the useable range) to any pump in its footprint: the X2 features twice the head pressure as the MCP35X.
  • G1/4″ ports standard for compatibility with a large assortment of fittings;
  • No maintenance when used with distilled water, and anti-fungal additives (our HydrX additive is recommended);
  • Quick installation with adhesive neoprene pad, or permanent installation with supplied hardware;
  • Optional “built-in” MCP35X-Res reservoir;
  • Ready for upcoming 5 1/4″ bay reservoir solutions by Swiftech.
  • 2 year warranty
Product Description
The MCP35X2 is the dual motor version of Swiftech’s flagship MCP35X pump. The product is designed to provide extreme flow rates in loops that include multiple devices, for example multiple radiators and triple or quad SLI/Crossfire liquid cooled graphics cards; pump redundancy also provides maximum safety in mission critical systems: if one pump fails, flow will continue to circulate thru the system thanks to the second pump. The unit features:
  • The MCP35X2-H dual pump housing:
    • designed to provide considerably enhanced hydraulic performance;
    • compatible with multiple tubing options thanks to the G1/4 port standard;
    • compatible with the optional MCP35X-Res reservoir;
    • available in two colors; classic black or fashionable white
    • also sold separately, and compatible with all MCP35 series pumps
  • Two MCP35X pump motors:
    • 12VDC and PWM controlled, allowing variable speed control thru the motherboard from 1300 to 4500 rpm, and linked with Swiftech’s PWM splitter cable for simultaneous pump speed adjustments using only one PWM motherboard header.
Technical Specifications
Motor type 2x Electronically commutated, brushless DC, spherical motors
Nominal voltage 12 V DC
Operating voltage range 9 to 13.4 VDC
Max. nominal power (@12 V) 18 W x 2
Max. nominal current (@12 V) 1.5 A x 2
Max. nominal head (@12 V) 27.9 ft (8.5m)
Max nominal discharge (@12 V) ~ 4.17 GPM (15.8 LPM)
Maximum pressure 22 PSI (1.5 BAR)
Temperature range Up to 140 °F (60 °C)
Electrical power connector 2x Molex 4 pin
PWM + RPM Signals 2x 4-pin connector
RoHS Compliant
Port thread standard G1/4
MTBF 50,000 Hours
Weight 15 oz
Dimensions (not including fittings) L4.9″ x W2.8″ x H1.6″ (L126 x W72 x H41mm)
That’s a lot of goodness and technical information to absorb that I’ll work on going over as I complete the review.

This is a continuation in evaluating ways to cool our popular DDC series pumps.  While requesting a sample of the Apogee XT CPU block, Swiftech offered to send me a sample of their newly released heat sink the Swiftech MCP35X-HS.   A special thanks to Stephen & Gabe from Swiftech for providing the sample to review.

As part of my pursuit to better understand heat within these pumps, I previously completed the DDC3.2 Heat Scoping blog to prepare for testing such as I’m doing here with this heat-sink.  This heat sink is compatible with any DDC series pump that has two holes in the base.  This includes both bases with cast feet as well as the newer bases that come without the spread foot base.  The heat sink is intended to serve in both cooling capacity as well as pump decoupling for improved noise response.

Packaging & Accessories

Being a heat sink, the parts are fairly basic and limited.  The package comes in Swiftech’s typical black box with a white printed label.

Upon opening the box, the heat sink itself is wrapped in a layer of paper that is also wrapped in a bubble wrap bag.  Everything else is nicely put away in individual bags.

Taking everything out of the protection bags reveals the contents as you can see below:

In the above photo, the blue thermal pad is to the left, lower left are the lifting legs (foot post), lower middle are the rubber feet that attach to the base of the legs(rubber bushings), and the lower right are the four machine screws that attach the rubber bushings to the foot posts.  The two remaining screws are used to attach the heat sink to the base of the pump.  Assembly only takes a few minutes and does not require opening the pump.  The thermal pad doesn’t even have to stick to the pump as the bottom.  Blue side facing up is not sticky, white side down sticks to the heat-sink.

Assembly is very straight forward and simple.  Not shown, but the thermal pad has a blue side which faces up (Non sticky) and a white side that is stuck to the heat sink.

This is what the heat sink looks like mounted to a MCP-35B pump without any fan installed.  This wasn’t the pump I tested on since it was only a 12W motor (less heat than 18W motors), but it’s a nice looking top which compliments the heat sink black theme and represents what the heat sink would look like on either the MCP-35B or the MCP-35X pumps with black delrin/acetal tops.

 There is a bit of extra space down below without a fan installed, but this also helps allow a nice amount of case airflow to whisk away the heat better.  Also notice how the rubber feet serve in decoupling the entire unit.