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I figured I’d post a quick little blog of what I’ve been doing the last week or so rebuilding my test bench and gaming.  I was invited  to PDXLAN this weekend and figure it was a good reason to do some remodeling on the torture rack I use regularly for my block testing.  The LAN space was technically 24″x30″ per seat, and my horizontally mounted 480 rad and pump setup was in need of reorganizing to be more LAN friendly.  With the “Compact/Clean/More Portable” idea in mind, I mounted two of my triple radiators vertically, and switched to the Monsoon D5 pump/reservoir.  I also spent some time cleaning up the various bits and installing new tubing/fluid.

I do have a few sponsors  including:

A very special thanks to Dennis and Jeremy from Danger Den for the M6 block, Monsoon Reservoir, and seat at PDXlan:

Paul from XSPC for the RX and EX 360:

Eddy, Niko, and Gregory from EK for the UV blue EKoolant:

And BoxGods & Performance PCs for the Monsoon Free Center Compression Fittings

I bought the torture rack and hardware myself.  While I’d never consider myself a case modder/builder of any sort, I was pretty happy with the result.   The rebuild went pretty smooth.  The M6 block mounted nicely, Monsoon fittings cleaned up the clamp look, the Monsoon reservoir green blended in nicely, and the EKoolant added some much needed color to the tubing.  The EKoolant is one of the newer less toxic food grade antifreeze coolants with both algae and corrosion blockers built in.  I thought the blue went well with the MSI motherboard.

The two triple XSPC radiators are way overkill, but I couldn’t help myself…I’ve always enjoyed seeking those single digit water/air deltas..:)

Here are a few quick snaps:

Yeah I know the 570 needs water…:)

Got a chance to try out the new Monsoon free center compression fittings which look really nice.  They held the tubing in place nice and solid when done and made for a really clean look.

After braving Friday 5:00pm Portland, OR rush hour traffic on the interstate, I found my way to the gaming Mecca..PDXLAN event #19.

Sorry for the quick snaps, I was focused on gaming and only broke the camera out for a brief intermission before my battery went south.

The LAN event was a blast! I had never been to one before, so it was a whole new experience.  What’s better than gaming online?  how about organized tournaments, prizes, give aways, and gaming with 500 other gaming enthusiasts that share the same passion.  While my system doesn’t even come close to some of the builds at the event and I’m average at best in gaming, I had an awesome time!

Finally had a chance to meet the great folks at Danger Den as well as a few people from the west coast that frequent the forums.  Everyone there was really welcoming and there was generally a very strong “Have fun and play” atmosphere.  The event also offered some sneak peaks at Gearbox’s new Borderlands 2 game trailer that was never seen before.  Lots of new technology demos of several products scattered around the many booths to drool over and play with.

It was the perfect testing vacation and I managed to get several days worth of much needed medicinal frag time…:)

i7-2600K CPU Danger Den M6 Block Preview

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Blocks
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Welcome to my preview of the all new Danger Den M6 CPU block recently announced.  My last Danger Den block test included the acrylic top MC-TDX that I tested as part of my Q6600 CPU block round.  While the MC-TDX was a simple and effective two piece acrylic top and hold down design, the M6 steps it up several notches in a completely redesigned all metal 4 piece form of metal artwork.  In my experience Danger Den products have always been leaders in producing low restriction / high flow designs and the M6 continues that trend while also improving thermal performance significantly over the previous MC-TDX.  The all metal build and heft of the block is worthy of note and inspires confidence in purchasing a product that can take a beating with high mounting pressures.  The sample I received for testing was actually provided prior to the retail package being released and as part of this test, I have been working on evaluating a special shim/nozzle package that will compliment and further enhances performance. Rather than hold onto all the data until complete, I figured I’d release what I have so far and update as I complete evaluating more shims/nozzles.

Before getting started, I would like to give a special thanks to Jeremy & Dennis from Danger Den for sponsoring the preview sample as well as the prototype shims soon to also be regular products.

Before digging in on my own review, I thought I would quote the manufacturers specs info available:

Press Release

from Danger Den’s website:

Danger Den® introduces a new CPU Cooling Block – DD-M6 CPU Block™ the highest performing CPU block to date from Danger Den.


Astoria, OR – December 28, 2011, 7:16 PM Pacific Standard Time – Danger Den announced the release for sale the new highest performing CPU waterblock, the DD-M6 CPU Block™ with shipments beginning January 2nd, 2012.

The DD-M6 CPU Block™ replaces the long running MC-TDX block improving upon the performance and reliability.  Thermal performance is significantly improved while maintaining a low flow restriction design.  Available in solid copper and brass parts that are non-plated or nickel plated.  A new and improved mounting system is also part of the DD-M6 CPU block package allowing reliable mounting pressure in an attractive package.

“Danger Den released a CPU block that we are proud of.  Improved performance, built like a tank, and almost 100% produced in the US. The Top Plate, Mid Plate, Hold Down Plate, Hold Down parts are all machined in our facility or within 50 miles of Danger Den”, said Jeremy Burnett Danger Den’s President, adding “ The hold down package has been significantly improved for the LGA 2011 socket and previous socket versions.  It looks great and makes the mounting process simple for the consumer.”

Developing a solidly constructed CPU block was imperative to the Danger Den product line.  It provides the protection and reliability that customers demand.  Danger Den does intend to offer a lexan version for the customers that prefer the aesthetics of a clear block.

Stock and availability for the Intel Sockets including the LGA 2011 is January 2nd, 2012.  The AMD version is to follow in two weeks. 

MSRP & Product Page Links:

DD-M6 CPU Block – Brass: from $74.95

DD-M6 CPU Block – Nickel: from $79.95

Photo Gallery:


from Danger Den’s website:

  • 100% copper 110 Base with Micro Fins
  • EN Nickel Plated Mid Plate and Top
  • *NEW* Stealth Spring Mounting System
  • 1/8″ Powder Coated Steel Hold Down
  • Threaded fitting ports are G 1/4 BSPP
  • Complete Block with all O-Rings
  • Pressure Tested to 50psi
  • Fittings sold separately
  • Machine lapped and flat mirror polished
  • 58 Heat Dissipating Fins at a 0.5mm pitch and 0.25mm channel.Providing enhanced transfer of heat to the water and optimum coverage of the CPU
  • Significant temperature drops on high TDP processors and major Overclocks.  Observed over 7C drop versus MC-TDX.
  • Ready to install designed and tuned for your system for top performance
  • Anti-Tarnish coating applied to prevent finger print or environmental changes.  This specialized formula also has no effect on cooling potential.
  • Corrosion will not occur when used with other Copper and Brass parts.  Avoid using non-anodized aluminum (or all aluminum) if at all possible for maximum component life.
  • Verify proper mount before power up.  Check the thermal compound imprint and verify the block isn’t touching any capacitors.
  • Optional back plate is 1/8″ acrylic and covers the Intel back plate.  A gasket surround the Intel back plate for additional protection.

Of particular interest to me is the .25mm channels and while it’s not noted here the fins are skived rather than machined allowing this micro structure.  The block really is a totally new design over the previous generation.

Welcome to my living review of the latest in the D5 pump bay reservoir craze. This bay reservoir is very much a modder’s  dream built with modularity in mind. Factory direct there is already so much to choose from and details that come included.  There are a variety of colors, factory LED lighting and control module, wire sleeving, pump housing, pump housing cap, rubber isolation mounts, multiple performance o-rings, and more.  I plan to spend some quality time testing this new reservoir and running through some of the features that it includes

A very special thanks to Geno (Box Gods) from Danger Den for taking so much time in developing and providing this extreme quality reservoir:


The box arrived at my door and a very over sized 10x10x12″ shipping box with ample paper packaging and very well protected.  Within the shipping box was the Danger Den product box which is shown below:


There is a MONSOON within! MMRS = Monsoon Modular Reservoir System

The initial box opening presents one of two bubble cartons of goodies

The reservoir is placed in between two of these bubble cartons which serve dual purpose to house the many accessories as well as provide another layer of protection.


Top carton includes stop plugs, rubber vibration isolation pad, optional chrome screws, thin/red o-ring, and a DD Logo decal.

You can see the attention to detail begin here.  Some builders may want black screws, some may want chrome plated screws, Danger Den gives you both!!

Also if you are like me and frequently find my tools have walked away in younger hands, have no worries, they included two allen wrenches to modify your monsoon with, very nice!


Bottom carton includes the black standard pump o-ring, spare plug o-rings, thick isolation rubber, and mounting screws

Coming straight from the box, my unit came mostly assembled and wrapped in layers of foam

My particular model came pre-assembled, but I believe per the instructions some may or may not be completely assembled.  It sounds like you may have to install the decals such as the motor cover pin striping and some of the smaller parts which are all very well detailed in the user manual.  There is a full 11 pages of letter sized user manual with schematics and notes within.  This may take a little time in assembly, but the instructions are very well written and you should have no problem with guidance.


11 page user manual is extremely detailed

A brief topics list includes:

  • Box Contents
  • General Notes
  • Applying the Decals
  • Pump Mounting
  • LED Power Button Operation
  • LED PCB Replacement
  • Window and Faceplate Installation
  • Plug Installation
  • Mounting the reservoir in your case
  • General Operating Guidelines
  • Leak Testing

Wow, without a doubt this is the most detailed installation manual I have ever seen for a water cooling product.  Yet another indication how much thought detail has been put into the design of the product.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the packaging, everything was very well packaged and protected and made a safe journey to my home  The instruction manual is also above and beyond..

About the only thing missing are barbs, but considering the variety of preferences, it’s actually more typical that barbs are not included than including them. Just make sure you have a set of barbs or order a set to complete the package.