Larkooler iSkyWater 300 DIY 240mm Kit

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Kits
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Living Conclusion

This is a living conclusion that I will add to as I complete the installation, testing, and comparative reviews.


Random Comments So Far

  • Great low $129.95 price point
  • Complete kit even includes coolant
  • Nice all copper block and copper radiator tubes
  • Radiator uses “Round” copper tubes and aluminum fins instead of conventional flat brass tubes and copper fins.
  • Radiator includes external radiator mounting brackets.
  • Radiator ports and CPU block ports are G1/4 Compatible for any barb, however Pump has fixed 6mmID x 8mmOD cast plastic fittings.
  • Fans included are standard 3pin 7 blade fans, LED equipped, no kit fan control
  • Pump included is a standard 3pin pump with adapter for molex.
  • Warranty is 1 year, no MTBF rating on pump
  • Pump is about 5W, 2m head, .26GPM max flow which is lower than expected
  • Pump barbs are plastic
  • Pump reservoir has a nice “Low Water Level” warning feature.
  • Block is a nice “ALL METAL” construction including the top and both base and top are plated nicely
  • Block has a nice back-plate system
  • Compression fittings included are a nice design, but small size.
  • Tubing is a smaller 6mm ID x 8mm OD size. (Less tha 3/8″ OD looks small)
  • Thermal performance is about 10 degrees behind the H220 and XSPC kits on the very large 3930K, I suspect it is just too large a surface area for the smaller block base.  Also fairly aggressive bowing of the base is more suitable for smaller processors such as the 2600K.

Testing is very much early in the process. More to come..testing has just started..


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  1. M3TAl says:

    Did you end up getting Phelan’s H100i shipped to you?

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