Larkooler iSkyWater 300 DIY 240mm Kit

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Kits
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Installation Review

While I did record my own installation, I found this video that is very well done and can give you the general idea well enough.

Installation Results

The installation went fairly smooth, but not until after fighting the pump for a while. I suspect I had a bubble stuck in the pump low-level circuit because the pump kept going off with a warning three tone beep and the impeller just wouldn’t start moving. I eventually pulled the pump out and shook it vigorously tipping the pump with impeller up and hitting the palm of my hand with the pump base. This caused the bubble to work loose and it took off no problem, so I’m going to pass it off as just a fluke.


The rest of the installation went pretty smooth. I did have one little leak at a radiator compression fitting that started spinning loose on the radiator from moving the tubing around too much, but that was an easy fix and my own fault for just not tightening the compression barbs on the radiator well enough.


The only other trouble was bleeding due to the pump reservoir inlet port dumping into the reservoir above the water surface. The baffle works pretty well, but that stream of fluid breaking the surface of water all the time basically required that I top off the reservoir completely by carefully encouraging bubbles up the fill port and adding a drop or two at a time.  It primed and purged the big stuff really well, but it did take a little effort topping off the reservoir to quiet down and minimize that surface splash noise.


Block install went fine and the radiator was fine. The end radiator fitting location was a bit of a challenge too though as it was tight to get the tubing bends in there between my PSU and the fittings at the top of radiator.


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