Larkooler iSkyWater 300 DIY 240mm Kit

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Kits
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CPU Block

The block is a unique style and collection of parts that should be compatible with most socket systems out there. The block comes mounted with the intel hold down on the universal back-plate.


Plenty of parts for every socket, tools provided as well.

The intel back-plate and thick dense foam is done very nicely. There is a middle part that pops out of LGA1155 and the back plate itself is a nice thick metal with slotted studs for the retention. While it does require a few more loose parts to mount up and I don’t need it for my LGA2011, I really like the back plate system they designed. Rather than having to deal with a sticky back plate like the XSPC and H220 kits, it provides a nice mechanical connection using thumb-nuts to more securely attach it to the motherboard. I also like the thick back-plate and thick dense foam as I feel it provides better support to the motherboard.


While it’s definitely not as “Easy” as the Swiftech kits, I do like this back-plate system and there are much fewer parts to mess with when actually mounting the block on the TIM. This system also will not leave you with sticky tape and goo stuck to your motherboard backside when removed and no need to break out tools of your own, the thumb-nuts make it pretty easy to install.


The block is pressed together, so there is not any ability to take apart completely. This is the best I could do for an internal shot.

It appears to be a single pass microchannel design with a simple two piece block with ports and collection chambers on each side. Compared to center nozzle (Parallel Path) microchannel blocks such as the XSPC Raystorm and many others, this does increase water velocities with the single pass design. The trade-off is higher restriction because of those higher velocities. This is good design and should match the lower flow pump rather nicely.


Generally a nice looking all metal block with a unique styling of its own with plentiful curves and little that is block-y.


The base is circular and has a nice plated finish.

While the hold down system is still a loose parts system and takes more care and time than some of the super easy systems such as Swiftech’s, it is pretty well thought out. I actually like the back-plate system on this block better than most of the sticky types as it seem more solid and will not leave that sticky mess on your motherboard. My only real reservation is that will not likely have any sort of “Compression Guidance” to know how much you should tighten the thumb-nuts down. After damaging two motherboards from testing blocks, I’m a bit sensitive about mounting pressure and the lack of guidance on many retention systems. All I can suggest is that you are careful and tighten “Enough”, but not “Too Much” and that just right amount without tightening stops is anybody’s best guess.


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