Larkooler iSkyWater 300 DIY 240mm Kit

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Kits
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The radiator kit looks very nice aesthetically. The fans are a nice transparent black and the radiator has a nice black shroud. In addition, you get some very nice external radiator mounting brackets that provide a ton of flexibility in mounting. For smaller cases you could use the brackets to hang the radiator off the back through the 120mm fan holes, or you could get creative and mount it to the top. In addition to the mounting brackets they even provide you with a pass through PCI plate where you could route your tubes.


They also provide you with a molex to double fan 3pin adapter so even if you don’t have a fan controller or motherboard header, you could connect the fans up to your PSU molex power. The fans also come mounted which is nice to see and not typical of the DIY kits. The fans are also LED equipped with two per fan


Bottom of the rad reveals the round tubes and flat pressed aluminum fins. Also note that the barbs are on the ends rather than your typical facing up position which is due to the round tube construction.


The fin density is 13.6 as measured, but this is a completely different type of construction than most W/C radiators who use folded copper fins.

While the aluminum looks nice and we do have nice copper tubes, the aluminum material in the fins has a lower thermal conductivity than copper fins used in the other kits. In addition the other kits using copper folded fin designs with flat brass tubes have a better soldered connection where these appear to just be pressed into place.


While it may not be apparent due to the shroud coverage, the round tube designs I’ve seen in the past such as with the Aquacomputers AMS, typically go with more of a series type design. While most folded fin design have distribution tanks to run flow in parallel over two passes, this one is all series. This series design helps increase velocity of the flow in the tubes, but it will also increase restriction vs parallel. There is a careful balance between the two and with folded fin designs it’s typically parallel two pass where with round tube radiators it’s some sort of series or much higher number of passes to help keep the velocity up high enough in the large round tubes.

Generally I have found folded fin designs to work better than round tubes, but there are some advantages to round tubes. In this case, there is very little soldering internally. Other than the barb connections, it’s pretty much just a big coil of copper tubing that water flows through and less chance of bubbles being trapped or flux washing out of the radiator. Speaking of barbs, here is a picture of the G1/4 ports on the end showing you that you can indeed switch out to standard and larger water cooling fittings.


Radiator ports and G1/4 Compatible and could utilize many different sized fittings and tubing.

In the end, I don’t think the radiator will perform quite as well as the folded fin designs due to the round tubes, lack of fin soldering and aluminum fin material, but I like it for its unique copper round tube construction. The pressed aluminum over copper tubes does leave you with a more consistent fin spacing and what appears to be better quality finishing compared to the value radiators which have quite a variation in fin spacing. I also like the conventional G1/4 fitting capability and the shroud looks well done. It’s a nice radiator for its own unique style, I like it because it’s different, it looks nice, and it’s made with copper tubes with G1/4 compatible ports.


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