XSPC Raystorm X2O 750 RS240 Extreme Universal CPU Water Cooling Kit

Posted: February 16, 2013 in Blocks, Fans, Kits, Pumps, Radiators
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Unboxing Part 2


This is the same RS radiator as the RS360 I reviewed here. It’s a very good performing slim radiator that is more of an all-around tuning. It’s not quite a slow speed tuned as the EX series, but also not a dense radiator either. It is more of a value radiator (Brass tubes, Copper Fins, Brass Tanks and slim thickness) compared to premium thicknesses such as the RX line(double thickness), but still a very good performer. Double thickness rads typically only perform about 10-15% better than these slimmer rads.


Take note of the screw puncture warning. I have punctured a radiator myself, so be extra careful, it does happen.

I like the RS radiators, they were one of my best value radiators when comparing performance vs cost. I would say I like the paint better than the H220 as well which had more of a brown color and not quite as nice a paint job. There is no flashy stamped logo in the shroud and perhaps a bit plain looking, but a very good brass/copper radiator with lower restriction. The RS series does also have a little lower restriction than the MCR series which means a little more pumping power and pressure head will continue to remain for expansion.


While FPI doesn’t always translate to tuning, the RS240 measured about 20FPI.  I would still consider it more of a slow/medium tuned radiator than a high speed density rad due to the slim thickness.


The fans appear visually to be of higher construction quality than many 25mm fans.  They have a larger fan hub and thicker more heavy duty frame, the wire is also a very nice long black sleeved cable which was nice to have as I could actually reach my fan controller without any extension.  They remind me of Zalman ZM-F3 fans which were very similar in construction and generally performed a bit better than average.  A good fan with above average construction quality although I have generally been finding the fans with more densely spaced and forward sweeping blades produce less noise when mounted to a radiator for some reason.


This kit comes with the 1650RPM model and also comes with wire grills for external radiator mounts.

Generally a good looking fan with higher than usual construction quality, I would suggest they are similar to Zalman ZM-F3 or Scythe S-Flex. I was very happy to see the nice long sleeved fan cables and the construction felt solid. The wire grills are also one of my favorite for low restriction and work great on external rad installations.

Fittings, Clamps & Extras

Here you can see the individually wrapped black chrome fittings using standard G1/4 threading.  The really nice thing about this is the G1/4 compatibility.  If you wanted to you could switch out to 1/2″ID x 3/4″ tubing and nicer clamps, or you could even switch over to compression fittings and any size you want to. Unlike the H220 where you are locked into 3/8″ID tubing, you do have more options here with the more DIY G1/4 compatible threading.


The plastic clamps provided do work, although they don’t look as nice as other more costly options.  The clamps are rather cheap but functional and that’s about it.

While I may not favor the plastic clamps, I do really like the ATX jumper and the external radiator bracket system.  I did use the ATX jumper and it worked great, but I did not use the rad brackets.  What the brackets do provide is external radiator mounting compatibility.  In cases that are too small, you can top or rear mount a radiator.  While this may not look as nice as an internal setup, external mounts do generally perform a little better than internal installs and it pretty much opens the kit compatibility to just about any case out there.  Just mount it on top, add the fan grills, drill a few holes, and you’ve got water cooling.


Nice black chrome 1/2″ G1/4 threaded fittings, very nice.

I’m still a bit of an old school barb/clamp guy myself and I like these barbs.  They are much improved over the previous generation XSPC barbs and preferred over the plastic barbs on the H220 kit.  Both kit’s work well, but I like the quality of a metal fitting better and the G1/4 thread compatibility is also important for those considering compression fittings etc.


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  1. Cookiejar says:

    Hi Martin,

    In your RS360 review, the out/in air delta was about 8.8 degrees for 1400rpm fans at about 200w of heat. In this review, given the smaller RS 240 but similar fan speeds and heat loads, I was expecting to see out/in air deltas of maybe 13 degrees? Otherwise, the air wouldn’t be able to carry away the same amount of thermal energy.

    However from your tests, the RS240 seems to be able to dissipate the heat of your overclocked 3930K with only an out/in delta of 3 degrees. This befuddles me, and I can’t understand how the system achieves thermal equilibrium. How is all the rest of the heat lost?

    What are your thoughts on this? Could there be some difference in your air temp measurements as compared to the measurements done in your radiator tester. Maybe the rest of the case air is mixing with the air out?

    Thanks and your site is a great read = ).

    • Martinm210 says:

      Disregard the air out in these kits. It is located such that it gets cold intake air from the front case fan and really not useful or accurate. The air out in my rad bench is controlled and accurate but it is very hard to measure air out without some sort of rad test bench.

      That’s the downside of case testing. It better represents thermals and noise but harder to measure something like air out when you have air coming in all over the place. In the kit testing air in and core temps are really the only thing I can control very well.

  2. Steve Vang says:

    So this kit has everything needed to water cool? No need to buy tubes and screws?

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