XSPC X2O 500 Single Bay Acrylic Reservoir Pump

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Pumps
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Here is the package boxed, it comes in XSPC’s newer black boxing and smaller in size due to its single bay sizing.



The reservoir comes wrapped in bubble wrap and fairly well protected.   To the right is the Blue sleeved LED molex module and package of 5 black screws.


Here you can see the sleeved wiring is nicely done although the pump is a tan color but going to be hidden from view once installed.  I’m sure you could also paint the pump exterior easily enough since it is removable. Unlike the X2O 750 which has an internal pump, the 500 model pump is external to the reservoir.  This is good in that you can remove the pump for cleaning and servicing and or modding as needed.  The fill port is in the top left and opens via using a quarter or large screw flat head screw driver.


The reservoir is your typical thick-walled assembled construction with the outlet port near the pump, inlet port at the bottom and there is pump half-moon baffle that is intended to prevent air from drawing into the pump from the fill surface.  Finally there is a small led pocket in the back that accepts the 5mm LED that is provided.


Pump motor is easily removed via four phillips head screws. The motor is a fairly good size measuring in at 2″ (50mm) in length and 1.5″ (38mm) in diameter.  I didn’t take the pump apart further as you would have to remove the little metal clip holding the impeller on.


Nice brass threaded inserts for the drive bay screws.


LED in place…

In the general the pump and reservoir looks well constructed, the machining work in the area of the pump looks very precise and removing the pump motor and installing it back into place was very simple.  I like the extra attention to detail with the brass inserts for durability and the included LED is a nice addition.

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  1. Alan says:

    Thank you very much Martin! Your efforts are greatly appreciated, as always.

  2. Gary Stofer says:

    Thanks for the review Martin. As of today its not selling yet to resellers but I’m sure it will be soon. I’d like to see them get the housing black, aesthetics matter in our business.

    This really puts the H100 pump in perspective.

    • Martinm210 says:

      Thanks Gary,
      housing could be painted easy enough with the pump removable, but it would be nice to have it come in black as the factory color.

      I hope to round up an H100 pump to verify specs too there is not much for detail out there but planning to do some AIO kit testing in the near future and will break them down and test the pumps then. This H100 estimate is based on the specs I could find.

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  4. kako says:

    Tried to get one of these…

    >>Sorry it’s not possible at the moment. We are not happy with the noise level of the pump and we decided not to release it.