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Posted: December 13, 2012 in Pumps
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The specifications all check out extremely well, my performance numbers actually came out a little better than specified.  The specs called out a max 24.6′ of static pressure head and I measured 26′.  The max flow was specified at 4.2GPM and estimating based on my curve, I measured it peaks around 4.4GPM with zero restriction.  Noise is also confirmed much the same.  Koolance calls out the PMP-450 as having less than 40dbA and the PMP-500 having less than 50dbA.  I measure much the same yet again.  Koolance really did an excellent job here of specifying accurate performance specifications, it was all pretty much spot on.  The only change I could see from the specs is that my sample came with a 4 pin molex and 3pin fan RPM sensor instead of just a 3pin as specified.  I believe this is just a change in revisions and the specs haven’t yet been updated.

The PMP-500 does most things outstandingly well.  It has a great price, build quality, g1/4 barb compatibility, built in heat-sink, and about double the power of the PMP-450 all while actually getting smaller in size.  The hydraulic performance is nothing short of amazing and can push through pretty much any build out there.  Really the only not so perfect area of testing was the noise level being a bit higher than other options. I know some of the earlier Laing DDC 1s and 2s have more noise than the 3 series.  I have also modified a buzzy DDC1 using a DIYINHK Sanyo based controller which dramatically improved noise, so we have a history of examples to show that there are electrical controller differences and perhaps that is one area that may be improved in future revisions.  It is not bad by any means only trailing a few dbA, but in the world of water cooling, silence is a priority for many no matter how small a difference.


  • King of 12V single pump performance
  • Excellent Value – No extras (Voltage Controller or top) necessary to get top performance
  • Excellent Efficiency 25+%
  • Good compact size
  • Cool long term operation (integrated heat sink)
  • Low Heat Dump – High Efficiency + Integrated Heat-Sink
  • G1/4 barb compatible
  • Noise – At like flow rates 1-4dbA louder than a PMP-450
  • No built in speed control – Requires a special controller to reduce speed.

I really enjoyed testing and tinkering with the PMP-500.  While it didn’t take the crown for noise from the PMP-450, it has taken the crown in producing extreme pumping performance in a very compact package and ready to chew up and spit out more than ample flow rate at any possible system scenario.  In simple terms it’s like having two PMP-450’s running in series but smaller in size than just one, it is a mini monster pump!


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Koolance PMP-500

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  1. Kevin Hua says:

    Finally, a pump that has dethroned the ddc series in all aspects! Nice testing Martin, I’ll be sure to pick up this pump! Maybe a custom pcb can lower power draw/noise… It’s using the old style transistors for power.

    • Martinm210 says:

      Yeah, if noise can be reduced via PCB and motor controller upgrades to say less than 40dbA max and a comfortable like tone that blends/hides well in your typical fan noise, that would be sweet. Add PWM to that and you would have one hard to beat little pump..:)

  2. nleksan says:

    So glad to have you back!!!!!!!!!!

    You are truly a pillar of the water cooling community, and if it weren’t for yourself and the few like you who have been so incredibly dedicated to scientifically analyzing and reviewing anything and everything water cooling, it’s quite likely that the hobby would still consist of a lot of non-modified aquarium pumps, semi-custom “water blocks”, and heater cores! I realize that you are a humble man, but take a moment to recognize the immense contribution you have made to “PC Water Cooling” as a whole, and if you’re ever nearby I’ll buy you a beer, hell, I’ll buy you a keg!

    • Martinm210 says:

      🙂 … Thanks!! and Cheers!!

      • Cole Markusen says:

        Not a problem. Might have to step up and buy one of Koolances controllers. The tone/pitch is almost unbearably annoying after long periods of time. Obviously the controller won’t get rid of it but lessen the severity a bit. Any idea what kind of components those controllers use? Would hate to have the same noise issue as the fan controller.

  3. Hi Martin,

    I lost my rubber washer (https://martinsliquidlab.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/koolancepmp500-16.jpg)

    I would like to know if my pump will get flooded or I can run the pump without.

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Martin, I just had a failure on my power supply just 20 minutes after starting my system with a PMP-500, an ATI 7870 and a FX-8350 oced to 4,6ghz, my power supply was a corsair GS700 with a single 12v rail of 56A, can you tell me what power supply should I buy to move all this without problem? Thank you!

    • Martinm210 says:

      I have had good luck with my TX650 and a single 570gtx card and hot hexacore, but I’m not up to speed on what the latest cards are drawing. I would plug it all into one of the online power calculators and base it on that. I would also check reviews on newegg on any model you are looking at and watch for how many bad reviews there are.