Hardware Labs SR-1 360 Radiator

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Radiators
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The Hardware Labs SR-1 is an extremely high performance premium double thickness radiator tuned for very slow speed fans.  The restriction is extremely low and performance is as good as it gets below 900RPM and still manages good numbers throughout the range.  What really stands out for me in reviewing the radiator is it’s exemplary build quality.  While most radiators exhibit irregularity in the fin spacing with a fair number of bent fins and variations throughout, the Hardware Labs SR-1 is built like a swiss watch as if each fin was aligned to perfection before entering the soldering oven.  It’s not about bling either, the shroud itself doesn’t even have a branding logo and the box it comes in is ordinary cardboard brown, but the radiator itself is built with extremely high quality control and the screws are even the more desirable M4 sizing.  Of coarse all this high quality comes at a high price, but there is value in quality and you are getting high quality here.  We’ll see how the subsequent rads do, but the SR-1 raised the bar in the quality department quite a bit and also push the bar up a touch in sub 900RPM fan tuning arena.


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