Hardware Labs SR-1 360 Radiator

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Radiators
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Restriction Testing

Continuing the same test method as before, I’m measuring restriction or pressure drop over the range of possible flow rates to get a complete look.  I simply increase flow across the radiator at .5 GPM increments and record the pressure drop across the rad via manometer.  My flow meter is a King Instruments 7520 with valve, my manometer is a Dwyer 477-5 digital manometer, and I have fabricated my own 1/2″copper x 1/4″ brass T fittings to avoid adding restriction to the test.

Radiators are generally pretty low in restriction, so this is normally not something to worry about much unless you plan to run several radiators in series.

First the detailed results:

Followed by a comparison:

Restriction is extremely low thanks to the extra rows of tubes and larger tubes.  It’s not quite as low as the RX360, but pretty darn close and many many times less restriction than your average CPU block.  You should have no worries at all putting several of these together in series.

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