Hardware Labs SR-1 360 Radiator

Posted: April 8, 2012 in Radiators
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Here is the package unboxed.

And a closer look at the screws provided as well as the fairly standard screw length warning.

Here is another radiator overall shot.  The quality control in construction of this radiator is exemplary, I wish the more value priced radiators could be this perfect in fin spacing and construction.  There is also no shroud stamping, just a smooth and nicely beveled shroud for the over width dimension.  I can’t emphasize enough how nicely finished and constructed the parts are, very high quality construction.

And a closer look at the fins and density:

The fin density is pretty much spot on and as you can see in the photo the spacing between fins is pretty much perfection and consistent throughout.

And finally a closer look at the plenum chamber design.

The barb spacing is a bit closer together than other rads which tend to push the ports toward the edges, but that’s not really a big deal unless your case has barb holes spaced for the other type.  The plenum chamber boxes are nicely separated and chamfered which should help reduce problems with air bubble trap on inverted (case top) radiator installations and generally well done.

Overall construction and quality control is exemplary, I wish all rads were built this well.

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