XSPC RS360 Radiator

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Radiators
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The XSPC RS360 is a great value radiator in slim thickness.  The build quality is good, the packaging is well done, the restriction is nice and low, and the thermal performance is good.  While it’s not keeping up with the premium RX series, it’s not as far off as some may think only loosing by a small 8% or so.  In addition, running fans in push+pull can net you better than RX+push only performance levels so users with just enough room for the slim rad plus two sets of fans would be better off with the slim radiator option over the thick rad plus single only.  While it is noted as being the slim option for medium-high speed fans, the 15FPI fin density is not nearly as dense as some other slim rads reaching 20FPI or more and it seems to not have any drastic preference for high speed fans.  I would consider it more of a medium speed tuning myself.  Doing some shopping around you can find the RS360 at sidewinder for only $49.99US, so it is a heck of a value and will set the bar high in the area of watts dissipated per dollar.  If you match it up with 6ea yate loon high speed fans, you have a heck of a triple radiator performance package for about $86.


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