Distilled Water Shootout & Water Purity

Posted: March 22, 2012 in How To & Misc
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Low Cost Grocery Store “Distilled” Water Options

First, my regular water staple from Wal-mart cost me all of $0.88USD per gallon.  On the label is says purified by Steam distillation, Filtered, and Ozonated.

Not bad for less than a buck a gallon.

Next was the Fred Meyer brand, I think it cost around $0.91USD per gallon and the label just says Type III distilled water.

It didn’t do quite as well.  Next up is the Safeway brand and it just says purified by steam distillation.

It came in at a 4.4 which was better than the Fred Meyer brand, but not as good as the Wal-Mart distilled.  Next I found this Albertson’s brand that was something like $0.91/gallon:

It’s another pretty good one.

This is another one I picked up at Albertsons that was a brand name Crystal Springs.  It was a bit over a buck a gallon.

It’s also very good.

I also found this Earth H2O brand which says “Vapor Processed” and was a little more expensive at $1.31/gallon.

The Earth H2O almost tested as yet another good low number.

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  1. Dominic H says:

    I think its worth noting that Distilled water absorbs CO2 from the air VERY fast. This is probably why when you put it through your rad where there is no air it stopped raising its conductivity.

    It is also important to note the temperature of water plays a MASSIVE part in its conductivity, the warmer the water the higher the conductivity so inside a hot loop the conductivity will plummet.

  2. Anon says:

    Our Silver Springs (FL) store brand spring water was 411 uS/cm.