PDXLAN 19 Preview

Posted: February 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I’ve been taking my priorities seriously (having fun) and decided to drive up the the famous PDXLAN event in Portland OR.  I’m a gamer myself and while I don’t consider myself “Tournament Worthy”, the thought of piling into a large LAN event has always had my curiosity.  While I have played online multiplayer games myself for some time now, I never attended an actual LAN event.  PDXLAN has been at it and perfecting the event for many years now, and this round was #19, an event starting at 6:00PM on Friday carried on throughout Monday with a slew of gaming tournaments, prizes, and general gaming fun.  I particularly enjoyed seeing the variety of computer case builds, visiting with fellow gamers, and generally enjoying a weekend of gaming.  What is better than gaming at home?  How about gaming with 500 other gamers that share that same passion, tournaments, and prizes.

Before going to far, I would like to give special thanks for Jeremy and Dennis at Danger Den for sponsoring a seat at the event.  I think they have me hooked!


Since I had never been to a LAN before, I didn’t really spend much time thinking about portability and space.  At the moment I had my torture rack setup with a quad rad mounted horizontally with my pump suspended off the back.  That worked well for easy changing out of blocks, but it didn’t look very nice and took up quite a bit of desk space.  Soo…in an effort to make my rack more compact and LAN-able, I decided to switch out the quad rad and pump.  I installed my two XSPC RX and EX triple radiators vertically, and installed my Danger Den monsoon reservoir D5 pump combo to clean up the clutter.  In addition

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