Sketchup CPU Block Concept

Posted: December 12, 2011 in Blocks

While I recover from my knee surgery, I decided I would do some playing around with sketchup and model a CPU block.  Most of this is just assembling many existing ideas from various forms.  Only thing really special is that I tried to allow the block to articulate independent of the hold down (Center single loose hing point).  The idea here is to allow the block to self align with the IHS surface and distribute pressure as evenly as possible regardless of imperfections in either the IHS, mounting socket, or hold down plate.  The other which has been done before is a parallel perpendicular interweaved inlet/outlet channel system.  This should reduce pressure drop and allow a much more restrictive/shorter copper microchannel base.

Last but not least, something other than the ordinary hold down system, we have four mounting points, why not utilize that into some sort of creature.  A spider, headcrab, or any number of things could be done.  And yes I know spiders have eight legs, not four.

Anyhow, figured I share the concept..always fun playing around with sketchup..:)

Nothing particularly new here, I’ve seen most of these different ideas in one form or the other.  Just my curiosity behind piecing some of those existing ideas together in what I would try building if I had the time and resources to do it.


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