i7-2600K CPU XSPC Raystorm

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Blocks
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Welcome to the 7th block in my series of i7 – 2600K CPU block tests. You may be familiar with the extremely popular XSPC Rasa that many users enjoy in the popular kits, it is an excellent block possibly one of the most popular due to the exceptional value it provides giving top 2011 generation block performance levels.  XSPC has spent many months building basically an all new block called the Raystorm!

A special thanks to Paul from XSPC for sponsoring this test!  They provided the tested production sample prior to these blocks hitting the shelves, but I believe you should be seeing these next month at retailers.


First let’s go over a few basic highlights and characteristics.

  • High Performance Copper Base  56mm x 56mm x 3mm deep
  • Microchannel & Nozzle Plate Design
  • CNC Cut Acetal Top
  • Intel kit supports sockets LGA775, 1156, 1155, 1366, and 2011 and comes with back-plates
  • Full Cover Back-plates for more MB protection, and easy peel and stick type mounting.
  • Thumb-nut Stud/Spring system style hold down attachment
  • G1/4 threaded wide ports are compatible with most fittings include 3/4″OD compression fittings
  • Metal reinforced (aluminum) acrylic hold down
Update 2-9-12
Working on the copper top version, similar design, but instead it has an aluminum hold down and solid copper top.

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    • Hello Martin. Do you have any idea what the pressure drop on the Raystorm GPU block will be? It is not listed with the GPU blocks in the pump planning guide and I am trying to plan a cpu, 2 GPU and 2 rad loop with the 750pump/res pumping the system.

    • Ok Martin. Maybe you can then tell me if this idea is ok. I plan to run 2 EX 280 rads, raystorm CPU and 2 EK VGA Supremacy bridge edition water blocks in my loop. Now I know the 750 will be at its limit. Thanks to your review I was able to work some stuff out and maybe you can tell me if my theory is correct here.

      Ok I have been able to deduce that the pressure drop @ 1 GPM on various components is:
      CPU Raystorm: 0.58 psi
      Rads: 0.2+- psi
      GPU x2: EK Supremacy Bridge Edition 0.7 psi each


      750pump = 1.6PSI @ 1GPM.

      Total pressure drop with 1CPU block, 2 rads and 2 GPU blocks in parallel will be around 1.33PSI.
      So I should be able to run the system at around 1.3 to 1.4 GPM (Used your 750 pump review to work that out). But as parallel on GPU’s halves the flow rate, each GPU will get around 0.7GPM. Will that hurt the cooling performance for my graphics cards?

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  3. RBolger says:

    Of all the reviews Ive read, this is by far the most conclusive, easily understood and
    covering the most important factors. Going to go back and read most of your reviews.
    Great Job.

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  5. Corey Meeks says:

    Brilliant review, Martin! I appreciate the practical perspective on running low pump speeds.

  6. Walter says:

    Hi, Martin!
    What do you think about the new total copper edition? *_*

  7. Lutfi says:

    just ordered the copper version instead of the black – only to stumble across this thread/review showing it has higher restriction than the acetal top… :/

    subscribing to this..!