Koolance RP-401X2 Reservoir

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Pumps
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Welcome to another bay reservoir review, the Koolance RP-401X2.  I thought the RP-402×2 was compact for two pumps in a double drive bay size, but this model takes that concept up another notch.  The PMP-400 (DDC3.25) pump motors are very compact and Koolance figured out a way to put not only one, but two motors in a single drive bay reservoir that retains much of the same multitude of options as the 402×2 flavor. You can run one pump only and share both reservoirs, you can run two pumps in separate loops, or you can combine the two pumps via their serial kit for extreme pumping power.

A special thanks to Tim from Koolance for sending over the sample to review.

Packaging & Accessories

First let’s have a look at the box opening:

It comes in a longer brown box as shown here with solid foam protection along the sides

Having done a few drive bay reservoir reviews, it should be noted that not all come fully assembled.  The Koolance RP-401×2 is of the fully assembled and ready for pump status types.  It also has a block off plate installed on the left (P2) side and plugs ready for a single pump installation.  This keeps the number of loose parts down to a bare minimum and should save some time up from on the assembly front.

No major assembly required, ready for single pump right out of the box

It does also come with what I would call a quick guide.  It’s a smaller double-sided black and white four page guide.  Don’t expect a ton of detail here, but the guide is well illustrated and covers the key installation areas well although I would have liked to see some added info on bleeding. You can download the electronic and color version of the manual here for a more detailed look.

In general the package was very complete short of barbs and the serial kit.  Those items will have to be purchased separately and are an added cost.  The reservoir/top does come fully assembled with the necessary port plugs and pump block off so you can run one or two pumps as desired and there isn’t any assembly needed which is also nice.  The Packaging and protection also seems good and arrived in good condition.

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