i7-2600K CPU Swiftech Apogee XT (Revision 2) Upgrade

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Blocks
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Continuing the i7 – 2600K based CPU block testing is the latest offering from Swiftech, the Apogee XT Rev 2. This is actually more of a revision 2 upgrade review rather than a complete review since the block itself is only a minor update and retains all of the Revision 1 external features and mounting mechanism. This is good because the XT exterior is arguable one of my own personal favorites visually, and the mounting mechanism is without a doubt the easiest to use on the market.  This upgrade review is my fifth in my series of i7 2600K CPU block reviews.

While I purchased the original XT rev 1 block myself, Swiftech offered to sponsor sending me the upgrade XT rev2 housing that is now available for existing XT revision 1 users.  Also any users purchasing an XT rev2 block would also be receiving this housing upgrade as part of a complete block package. A special thanks to Gabe from Swiftech for sponsoring this testing XT Rev2 update!

Packaging Photos & Information

My package arrived very quickly direct from Swiftech in your typical box in a box with ample protection.  Since this was just a housing upgrade, the box is fairly small:

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with the housing wrapped in packing paper surrounded by layers of white foam.  In addition to the housing was an allen wrench and new housing screws contained in a plastic bag.  Finally at the back is a bill of materials with an assembly parts diagram that serves as your instructions.

I believe my package is unique and also included the chrome inlet plate insert.  I think normally the housing package only includes the gunmetal gray portion and screws, but mine came as shown below.  From the exterior, the Rev 2 is identical to the Rev 1.

However, when you flip the block over, that’s when you see the change.  The internal ceiling to the copper pins is now tapered down reducing the restriction and increasing flow.

To better show the difference between XT revision 1, and XT revision 2, I’m including the following side by side photo.  Same exact top except for those tapered sides, which per Swiftech reduces restriction while retaining the same performance.  Swiftech has always been very forthcoming in providing real testing information and data with their products, many times at or even before product launches.

So, that’s the change.  If you want detail on the rest of the block, please visit my Apogee XT revision 1 test here.  This review is intended to be a supplement to that original review by simply showing you the above and my testing results.

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