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Posted: April 9, 2011 in Blocks
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Welcome to my second in a series of CPU block tests I’ll be working on for the new i7-2600K processor…compatible with the 1155 socket is the Koolance CPU-370. This is the latest in Koolance’s CPU block refinements building upon the CPU-360 as well as now including a 1.5mm nozzle plate in addition to the 2.0mm nozzle.  My old EK supreme was king of my Q6600 block round up and still working very well on my i7-2600K, however that was a couple of years ago, and block have improved.  Since that time Koolance had introduced the more refined CPU-360, then the CPU-370, and now the CPU-370 with a 1.5mm nozzle plate option.

I would like to thank Tim from Koolance.com for providing this sample.   Thanks!!


  • Microchannel copper cold plate (.25mm fins, 0.30mm channels)
  • O-ring sealed impingement plate
  • Brass Top
  • Steel Hold Downs and back plates for Intel (775,1155,1156,1366) and AMD (AM2,AM2+, AM3)
  • G 1/4 BSP threading (3/4″ OD Compression Compatible)
  • 1.5mm and 2.0mm stainless steel nozzle plates included (2.0 Installed)
  • Nickel-Plating to prevent copper/brass oxidation
  • Bowed Base

Packaging & Contents

The first thing to catch my attention of the box was the heavy weight. For being just a CPU block it was heavier than expected which is due to the all metal construction and multiple plates included.  Packaging is in Koolance’s typical black box and white lettering theme and was very well packaged and shipped in your standard packing peanuts style…everything arrived safely and well protected.

Opening the box you are greeted with the instruction manual with layers of parts below. You can check out the manual by downloading it here by clicking on the “Manual” button.  It’s good getting started manual that should be sufficient for most users.

Contents are separated by layers of cardboard and plastic bags

After emptying the layers of contents, this is what you end up with:

Box Contents

The upper hold down is for AMD, and it comes with the Intel hold down installed on the block.  A pleasant surprise is not a only backplates for each CPU type, but also plates that are cut from solid and thick (1/8″) steel.  The white piece to the middle left above is a nice thick insulating rubber/silicone like pad that should do well to prevent any shorting out of contacts on the back of the MB.

Within the bag of goodies is the following:

Parts Bag Contents

It includes some rather over-sized thumbnuts, springs, TIM, Studs, 1.5mm nozzle plate, washers, torx wrench, and aluminum/copper foil for attaching thermal probes to your block for temp monitoring.

Short of barbs, the package is extremely complete for both Intel and AMD users.  I personally tested both nozzle plates for restriction, but decided to go with the 1.5mm nozzle for my first round of thermal tests since it was still fairly low in restriction.  Overall, I was very happy with the packaging & parts package…all you really need to buy separately is a set of barbs.

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  1. Eric says:

    Yes you have to be very careful when tightening this block ( i end up bowing my motherboard on the first try with 360 rev 1.2 which is very similar to this one) and measuring the stud/nut distances is a must, the surfacing of the steel hold down is not the greatest but this block still looks better than most of its competitors.The bottom line is performance and 370 looks like a winer
    Thanks Martin

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  3. justimm says:

    I was surprised that CPU-370 beats EK supreme HF at first, but when I saw it was an old model of EK supreme HF, I became happy again. Koolance cannot beat EK, period!!! EK is always the best, and KL is always the second, following EK.

  4. al360ex says:


    Would compression fittings with 1/2″ ID and 3/4″ OD be compatible with this CPU block ?
    Also, would Koolance’s threaded VLN3 QDCs fit, or would they be too large ?

    Thank you,

  5. Robert Samberg says:

    I don’t know, I saw the reviews that the Koolance was better than the EK (I didn’t realize it was an older EK Supreme), so I bought the Koolance, but it wouldn’t stop leaking … I tried everything different barbs, different tubing, different clamps … nothing!

    My old Swiftech Apogee XT works without a hitch, so I reinstalled that one – I RMA’d my Koolance, but they’re saying it doesn’t leak – It was definitely leaking – I’ll keep you posted.

  6. Martinm210 says:

    I’m surprised to hear that, as far as o-ring structure the CPU-370 is no different than the 1000’s of CPU-360s that are in operation today and I’ve never heard of anyone complain about the block leaking. You must have had a bad or missing o-ring or base that wasn’t tightened completely, but that’s pretty hard to do.

    I’ll be working on some additional block tests in the near future, so I’ll have more to compare. This is all I had at the moment for i7 testing.