Danger Den Monsoon Premium D5 Bay Reservoir

Posted: April 2, 2011 in Pumps
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Welcome to my living review of the latest in the D5 pump bay reservoir craze. This bay reservoir is very much a modder’s  dream built with modularity in mind. Factory direct there is already so much to choose from and details that come included.  There are a variety of colors, factory LED lighting and control module, wire sleeving, pump housing, pump housing cap, rubber isolation mounts, multiple performance o-rings, and more.  I plan to spend some quality time testing this new reservoir and running through some of the features that it includes

A very special thanks to Geno (Box Gods) from Danger Den for taking so much time in developing and providing this extreme quality reservoir:


The box arrived at my door and a very over sized 10x10x12″ shipping box with ample paper packaging and very well protected.  Within the shipping box was the Danger Den product box which is shown below:


There is a MONSOON within! MMRS = Monsoon Modular Reservoir System

The initial box opening presents one of two bubble cartons of goodies

The reservoir is placed in between two of these bubble cartons which serve dual purpose to house the many accessories as well as provide another layer of protection.


Top carton includes stop plugs, rubber vibration isolation pad, optional chrome screws, thin/red o-ring, and a DD Logo decal.

You can see the attention to detail begin here.  Some builders may want black screws, some may want chrome plated screws, Danger Den gives you both!!

Also if you are like me and frequently find my tools have walked away in younger hands, have no worries, they included two allen wrenches to modify your monsoon with, very nice!


Bottom carton includes the black standard pump o-ring, spare plug o-rings, thick isolation rubber, and mounting screws

Coming straight from the box, my unit came mostly assembled and wrapped in layers of foam

My particular model came pre-assembled, but I believe per the instructions some may or may not be completely assembled.  It sounds like you may have to install the decals such as the motor cover pin striping and some of the smaller parts which are all very well detailed in the user manual.  There is a full 11 pages of letter sized user manual with schematics and notes within.  This may take a little time in assembly, but the instructions are very well written and you should have no problem with guidance.


11 page user manual is extremely detailed

A brief topics list includes:

  • Box Contents
  • General Notes
  • Applying the Decals
  • Pump Mounting
  • LED Power Button Operation
  • LED PCB Replacement
  • Window and Faceplate Installation
  • Plug Installation
  • Mounting the reservoir in your case
  • General Operating Guidelines
  • Leak Testing

Wow, without a doubt this is the most detailed installation manual I have ever seen for a water cooling product.  Yet another indication how much thought detail has been put into the design of the product.

Overall I am extremely pleased with the packaging, everything was very well packaged and protected and made a safe journey to my home  The instruction manual is also above and beyond..

About the only thing missing are barbs, but considering the variety of preferences, it’s actually more typical that barbs are not included than including them. Just make sure you have a set of barbs or order a set to complete the package.

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  1. BoxGods says:

    Wow Martin, your reviews have always been great but you have really stepped up your game. Tons of useful information as usual but a much cleaner interface and outstanding pictures. I have written about 50 of these myself so I know a quality reviews is a LOT harder to put together then most people think.

    The pump cover that lets you run the Monsoon D5 as a simple dual bay reservoir and the lower priced basic version of the Monsoon D5 are actually already available, (though inventory will be hit or miss for a few weeks till resellers get stock).

    The basic version uses the same reservoir/pump body but replaces the motor tube and motor tube end cap with a simple machined aluminum pump mounting ring, and the machined aluminum face plate and beveled acrylic window are replaced with a laser cut 3/8″ (10mm) acrylic window. The performance is the same and the basic does include the LED board. Depending where you shop the basic is about $20 to $25 USD less then the premium.

    I am also aware of the slight cup for the motor tube end cap. It happens because of the two notches machined in for the pump wire pass through. We have tried MANY different machining and annealing schedules to get rid of it, and though we have gotten it closer to flat then the older part you reviewed it is still not 100% flat. I would switch to a machined aluminum end cap but that reduces the color choices available and since the cap is purely decorative the colors are pretty important.

    We also tried several internal baffle configurations but they all had a negative impact on performance. It is a limitation of the space and layout of a dual bay centrally mounted pump. Ideally a 3 or 4 bay design would allow for deeper water levels.

    I am so pleased you liked the part and I appreciate your taking the time to review it.

  2. Martinm210 says:

    Great information, the basic model would be a great way for someone to start in…then later they could upgrade the window or fabricate their own.

    FYI, I added a page for the youtube videos, I figured a collection was in order..

    Enjoying the reservoir a lot, it will be making it’s way into my torture rack VGA loop soon…:)

  3. Conner says:

    Martin, would you mind sharing the overall dimensions of the Monsoon Premium? I’m don’t have a ton of space to work with and I wonder if I can squeeze this in vs a DDC-based bay/res combo (D5s being apparently quieter than DDCs, which is important to me).

    • Martinm210 says:

      Sure, the front black aluminum face plate is 5-13/16″ wide by 3-5/16″ tall. The green acetal part is a bit smaller by about 1/8″ on each side and about 1/16″ top and bottom each.
      The overall depth from front plate to the rear pump cover is about 5-1/4″ deep.

      These are just ballpark measurements using an SAE steel rule, so it’s only +- 1/16″ or so.

  4. FXi says:

    Trying to decide on the 450S vs the straight 450 for this reservoir.