PMP-400 or MCP-35X (DDC Series) Cooling Lift

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Pumps
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If you’ve had any of the DDC series pumps, you’ll know that they tend to run hot to the touch.  Unfortunately, efforts to decouple the pump from the case usually involve some sort of foam pad or other vibration absorbing material at the worst place for heat.  The base of the DDC series pumps is their hottest place, so many users have gone to extra efforts to cool these areas.

One option is to suspend the pump via tubing, but that too may not completely decouple the pump.

Another option is to lift the pump, and I’ve worked up a quick potential option to do that.  I basically just cut out a square of acrylic the same size as the pump base, tapped the pump mounting holes to M4 threading, and used some 1″ nylon spacers to create a lifting base.  This base is rigidly mounted to the pump, but it allows enough space for air to flow and/or adding of heat sinks to the base while allowing the pump to sit on a foam decoupler.


Cutting out the square on the mini band saw

A little belt sander work

Tapping the pump mounting holes with an M4 tap, no drilling necessary.

We have lift!

Fairly simple and easy, and this allows a variety of heat sink cooling options.

Plenty of space for heat sinks if desired



But that’s just one of many alternatives.  You could probably do something similar with some aluminum c-channel, or aluminum or steel spacers, or just about any sort of sheet/tube material.  The pump base includes two untapped mounting holes in most DDC series pumps, and an M4 tap is a perfect fit without the need to drill.  I removed the pump cover to ensure no plastic bits get inside and simply tapped the holes and cut some M4 bolts to length.  Now the pump is lifted to all air to pass over the base and you can also add some ram-sinks or other heat sink to the base as well if you wanted to.



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  1. BMaverick says:

    This DIY lift will work on my DDC-1T pumps since they use the same base as shown in this article. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Ceadderman says:

    Like the mod. Although the EK Dual DDC block comes with brackets that lift the pump up which are meant to be used for the 5.25 bay of a case. I’m sure they would work the same way in a pinch though not with the Soggy Sandwich. :p

    Excellent idea however. 😀